The Coordinator


Name: Celia L’Saer

Age: 31

Species: Arkanian

Faction: DUSK

Rank: Senior Operative

Current Location: The Ice Queen (Level 11, B-Block)

Description: As image. She’s tall and fit, with white hair, purely white eyes without pupil or iris, and a skin tone that possesses a mildly orange tint. Celia has a very clear and concise speaking voice and is generally rather professional and formal in manner.


First put into contact with Team Aurek during their initial trial mission, becoming their coordinator on Nialle‘s orders. Since then, she has been answering their calls intermittently throughout all assignments, performing tasks anywhere between organizing the temporary deactivation of all lighting on Level 25, to accessing dossiers on criminal elements, and liasing between the T’lani Administration and DUSK on the subject of harnessing Slasher’s recovered droideka.

Beyond her role in assisting the team in their missions and having said droideka reassembled more quickly, little else is known about Celia. She has only been observed in person the once by Slasher, otherwise she has only ever been a voice in everybody’s ear. This should come as no surprise, for she rarely leaves DUSK’s databases unattended. She has mentioned that there is some level of friction between herself and the Elia twins Eris and Iris based on their species, though this matter remains unclear.


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