Cosette Du'Vair

The Bartending Beauty


Name: Cosette Du’Vair

Age: 29

Species: Zeltron

Faction: DUSK

Rank: Bartender, with Operative Clearance in DUSK

Current Location: Telkur Station, almost always working the bar at the “Ice Queen”.

Description: With vividly pink skin, blue hair, a killer figure and an alluring smile, Cosette undoubtedly does well at her job as both bartender of the Ice Queen and a public face for DUSK. Unsurprising for a Zeltron, she oozes sex appeal, but she’s far better known for her kind smile, sociable manner and being someone to trust. People around her always feel more at ease, relaxed and happy, which is natural considering her species’ empathic abilities.


Cosette was first encountered upon arrival to the cantina “Ice Queen”, which Director Nialle Talarn of DUSK works out of and is a common haunt for many DUSK Operatives and high profile people living on Telkur Station. She often handles anyone looking for work, and puts the more promising recruits in contact with Nialle.

Sirca identified with his knowledge of xenobiology that Cosette, being a Zeltron, possesses two natural abilities to look out for: being able to influence and attract others easily via control of her pheromones, and both sensing and projecting emotions, making it just as easy to sense a person’s mood as it is to instill within them a sense of calm or happiness as she wishes.

Anyone who spends even a small amount of time in the Ice Queen is familiar on some level with Cosette, since it is borderline impossible to avoid her notice. Friendly and sociable to the point of being almost overbearing, her job is not complete unless everybody in her bar is having a good time. Despite primarily being a bartender, Cosette’s done a lot of things and seen quite a few places and is quite multi-talented, and DUSK’s Director relies upon her to handle a number of odd jobs here and there.

In the event of trying to contact DUSK directly, one is as much likely to get Cosette on the line as Nialle. Unlike the efficient Director, though, this one is just as likely to make small talk and flirt. Just like the Director, though, she rarely seems to leave the Ice Queen at all or take a day off. For her, running the place is as much a form of entertainment and a hobby as it is a job.

Cosette Du'Vair

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