Most Anticlimactic Boss Ever


Name: Crayl

Age: ?? (Adult)

Species: Feeorin

Faction: Sable Dawn

Rank: Lieutenant Equivalent

Current Location: In a body bag

Description: As image. As a Feeorin, he stands well over two meters tall with long arms, well-developed muscular, though with a rather gangly frame. Has signs of rudimentary cybernetics. He looks far less pretty now that he’s been half-frozen, shot repeatedly, and hit by a concussion grenade.


First encountered by Ila in the Forget-Me-Not, as he was pursuing Darius Havven in hopes of permanently silencing him at risk of him telling DUSK what he’d found out about Sable Dawn’s existence. Fought with Vargas, Ila and Iris alongside a bunch of no-name minions, but eventually retreated. Was later encountered by Team Aurek at the Crossroads, where he held the entire cantina hostage in exchange for Liira Isha to go with him without resistance. Was later confronted by an alliance of DUSK Operatives in a warehouse where he was keeping her, a dozen goons, and a captive rancor. During his escape from the warehouse, he was shot in the chest with a sniper rifle, hit by a cryoban grenade, sat on by a Togorian, and mangled by a concussion grenade. He’s now inside a cryogenic pouch in order to keep him stable, having brushed with death after the experience.

Little else is known about Crayl at this time. DUSK is preparing to move him to Trangle’s Clinic in hopes of resuscitating him, but the appearance of a certain Sable Dawn Operative has created an immense risk behind doing so.


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