Elene Isha

Not The Least Bit Suspicious


Name: Elene Isha

Age: ?? (Appearance late-20’s)

Species: Hapan

Faction: House Isha

Rank: Unknown, presumably a noble of House Isha

Current Location: Telkur Station – Level 1, B-Block, Room 107

Relatives: Unknown.

Description: She bears the telltale resemblance of an Isha, with blonde hair and blue eyes, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable in appearance beyond being in her late-20’s. She is of average height and build, with the above-average good looks of a Hapan woman. She is very stoic and unfeeling, and her facial features tend to be quite unexpressive. She is thought to be using a holo-shroud, casting her true identity into some doubt.


First encountered during the course of performing the first official mission as DUSK Operatives. Nialle referred the group to Elene for a highly classified incident of a missing person. Elene identified the missing person as Liira Isha, and provided a couple of leads: a contact named Falla, who was to meet a Telkur Station resident in a cantina called the “Green Haze”.

Bastien’s droid Y4 detected an energy signature originating from Elene herself, who lied and claimed it was from her Combat Implant installed during her time as a Dragoon. Y4 later concluded that she was in fact wearing a holoshroud: a device that creates a holographic image over the features of a person, concealing their true appearance. Holoshrouds can be disrupted via physical contact, though it remains to be seen if anyone has the balls to try it.

Not much else is known about Elene herself, other than the fact she works for Liira Isha and that it is not the first time the Ducha has had to be collected from Telkur Station.

Elene Isha

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