Ellen Tyr

The Ice Queen


Name: Ellen Tyr (Full Name: Nurae’ele’nalantyr)

Age: 25

Species: Chiss

Faction: DUSK, formerly T’lani Military

Rank: Senior Operative, previously Lieutenant in T’lani Military

Current Location: Ice Queen (Level 11, B-Block). Ellen 2/3rds owns the place and occasionally stays in one of the upstairs rooms.

Description: As image. Ellen is athletic and physically fit, as befits an ex-soldier. She has a tendency to dress in a manner not unlike one given to the military, leaning towards clothing that allows her easy mobility. To most she seems to act rather distant and cold, but to those she approves of and trusts she’s shown to be very empathetic, observant and relaxed.


First seen in the Ice Queen in the company of “Miss Gray” and has been an almost constantly present on each visit by Team Aurek. When backup was assembled for the attack on Crayl’s warehouse to save Liira Isha, Ellen geared up and helped out. Incidentally, the funds allocated to Team Aurek’s mission was considerably strained by her attendance due to the high fees charged by Senior Operatives.

Little else is known about Ellen at this time, other than the fact she seems to own most of the Ice Queen and spends a great deal of time there. She has been noted on at least one occasion for having performed on stage there, and is a rather adept guitarist.

Ellen Tyr

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