DUSK's Garbage Man


Name: Ghost

Age: ?? (appears early 30’s)

Species: Human

Faction: DUSK

Rank: Operative (Black Ops)

Current Location: Unknown

Description: As image. He’s a fairly reserved man who speaks brusquely and to the point, and makes no attempt at hiding what he is and what he does – he takes out the trash.


First encountered by Shadow just outside his own apartment. Ghost broached the idea of working together at some point in the near future, claiming that they were likely of the same mind in terms of how to clean up Telkur Station. He drew attention to the darker aspects of DUSK’s activities – particularly of their tendency towards filling cemeteries rather than prisons, and keeping the dirtier work out of their reports so as to avoid antagonizing the T’lani administration.

Nothing else is known about Ghost at this time.


War in Hapes Rekassus