Iris Elia

The Tomboy Twin


Name: Iris Elia

Age: 16 (appears early 20’s)

Species: Arkanian Offshoot

Faction: Salvager’s Alliance

Rank: Salvager

Current Location: Bik’s Guide Service, (Level 25, A-Block), occasionally Salvager’s Alliance HQ (Level 25, B-Block)

Relatives: Eris Elia (Non-identical twin sister).

Description: As image. She has very fair skin, colourless white hair and gray eyes. Unlike her sister Eris, she’s physically more athletic and her complexion is marred here and there, telltale signs of engaging in a slightly rougher line of work. Where Eris is laid-back, Iris is rougher around the edges and has a fairly stand-offish, antisocial personality.

Combat Role: Iris is an NPC ally that can be called upon to aid the party. She’s most effective when bunkering down in cover, where she can make the most of her ability to return fire at enemies who miss her, or reroll her attacks if she misses. She also uses a double-barreled rifle for increased chances of downing an enemy. Outside of combat, she has a large array of practical skills: she has excellent Survival and is a valuable guide when in the Underlevels, but she’s also trained in Mechanics, Stealth and Pilot.


First encountered by Ila during her trial mission. She was hired to escort Ila and Vargas to Undertown and aid in their search for Darius Havven, a Bothan informant known to forward data to DUSK on occasion. Their search led to the EVO safehouse Forget-Me-Not, and assisted in extracting Darius while fighting Crayl and his Sable Dawn goons. She was later hired again by the larger Team Aurek to guide them to the very same place in order to locate the missing ex-Dragoon Falla Mere, though she chose the safer course of action and avoided engaging in the extraction process. Nonetheless, she was later drawn into the conflict at Crayl’s Warehouse and helped fight the Feeorin along with his goons and captive rancor.

Iris is, through and through, an opportunist and entrepreneur. Fiercely independent, she refuses to abide by a simple and boring existence in the upper levels of Telkur Station, and has spent the vast majority of her time since coming to Telkur plumping its depths for hidden secrets. Knowing as she does that finding a safe path into the Underlevels is a difficult process and rare skill, she’s more than eager to squeeze as much money and favours as she can from anyone crazy enough to want to go down there with her assistance.

Drive for success aside, she is in fact good at what she does, and possesses an array of useful skills that aid her in her salvaging work. Her sense of direction is enhanced by mechanical knowledge and the ability to sling a rifle when necessary. Diplomacy, however, is most definitely not her forte.

Since associating with Team Aurek, she seems to have drawn the romantic attention of Bastion Duraq, a fact that continues to (seemingly) exasperate her.

Iris Elia

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