Nialle Talarn

Leader of DUSK


Name: Nialle Talarn, “Nee-ahl-lee” “Tal-arn”

Age: 20

Species: Twi’lek

Faction: DUSK, formerly Talarn Black Sun

Rank: DUSK Director

Current Location: Telkur Station, operates out of the cantina “The Ice Queen”

Relatives: Kiet Talarn (Uncle), Khali Talarn (Older Cousin), Zalia Talarn (Older Sister, Deceased). Zalia was executed after being captured by House T’lani forces during the Black Sun War/Operation: Deliverance.

Description: Orange skin, purple eyes, slender in physique and bearing a rather serious and busy demeanour. She wears her lekku or “head tails” without ornament and she looks older than she is, which is perhaps due to a mix of the trials of the past three years and the burden of responsibility of running DUSK. The very observant will notice that she always carries concealed weapons, usually vibrodaggers, and wears a shadowsuit beneath her clothes along with a stealth field generator.


The niece of Black Sun Vigo Kiet Talarn, she originally came to Hapes as a part of his expedition to smuggle in refugees and carry out some piracy while he was at it. Upon his orders, she formed DUSK to help protect the soon-hunted refugee population. Eventually she and DUSK split from him officially, cooperating with House Isha to move her charges to safety and House T’lani to bring her uncle and the rest of Black Sun down.

Despite her youth, Nialle has been well-trained and is very capable. Her position as DUSK Director is as much due to her skill as an agent of espionage, intelligence and assassination as nepotism on Kiet’s part. While she currently spends most of her time working at a terminal, she’s spent the two years previous to Telkur Station’s establishment at the front lines and proving her worth. DUSK employs some of the most dangerous people on the station, and most of them follow her out of respect.

On a personal level, Nialle can be quite stern, level-headed and analytical, and cold at the worst of times or when the situation demands since she is pragmatic and prepared. Beyond that, she has a dry humour at other times and is socially quite comfortable and relaxed.

Nialle is for all intents and purposes an ally of Houses T’lani and Isha, though maintains only professional relationships with both. She previously maintained a closer association with former Ducha Sophia Isha until her disappearance.

Nialle Talarn

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