Olar [D]

Always Gets Shot


Name: Olar

Age: ?? (Appears twenties)

Species: Balosar

Faction: Slythmongers

Rank: Unknown

Current Location: The Green Haze (Level 23, E-Block)

Relatives: Sweet Ryll (older sister)

Description: Seedy, with oily dark hair, sallow skin, and a shrewd pair of murky hazel eyes. Is generally well-dressed, but the effect tends to be lost due to wearing the same outfit for days at a time, and being covered in grime and leftovers from his regular drug use. Olar has a fairly cowardly and uncouth demeanour, but he’s no idiot.


First encountered by Ila during her search for the DUSK informant Darius Havven. After learning from Jerle that he had been a contact for Darius in searching for a way into Undertown, Ila and Vargas kidnapped and beat up Olar in order to make him talk, a matter over which he continues to be sore about. The rest of Team Aurek encountered him as well in search of Falla Mere and Liira Isha after learning he had been Falla’s contact for finding Liira. Olar managed to form something of a business relationshp with Bastion, Shadow and Slasher, and serves to continue providing both information and work. Recently, Olar has been brutalized by Crayl and grievously wounded during Kaela, Challo and Kovei’s recent attack on the Green Haze.

Following the recent attack on the Green Haze, the Hellraisers were said to be returning to claim their due from Olar, however Team Aurek decided against protecting the Green Haze to instead volunteer for escort duty to protect the cryo-frozen Crayl while he was moved to Trangle’s Clinic. During this time, the Hellraisers crashed a speeder loaded with explosives into the Green Haze and destroyed most of it, looting the drugs.

Hours later, Olar went to the Green Haze to reclaim what was left of his property. However, he was waylaid by some Chosen cultists, who hunted him down. Following Shadow’s inability to Force Track him, he is presumed dead.

Olar presented himself in a somewhat contradictory manner: he played up his role as a “no-name” drug-pusher operating in the lower levels who didn’t want to start trouble with anyone, and yet freely drew attention to the fact that he has a number of cronies willing to protect his interests, though in truth this was entirely to do with protecting their drug supply. Olar inspired noone, though he did prove useful to anyone who was willing to treat with him.

The matter seems to have fallen by the wayside and been forgotten, but Olar did seem to report to someone who he refers to as “Ryll”, his older sister. Orders appear to have been handed down to stop cooperating with a group of thugs called the “Hellraisers” who were running a protection racket, payment being in the form of the stim called Booster Blue. Apparently “some guy” (Delryn) is attempting to convince other major players in the Telkur Underground to impede Sable Dawn’s activities, an initiatie Olar and the people he works for appear to be backing to some extent.

Olar [D]

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