Stath Mifortahn

Captain of the Honor Guard


Name: Stath Mifortahn

Age: 33

Species: Togorian

Faction: House T’lani

Rank: Tribe Leader (Mifortahn Tribe), Captain of the Guard (Arica T’lani’s Honor Guard)

Current Location: Telkur Station, generally found in close proximity to Arica T’lani or training aboard the TNPS Wayward Angel. Sometimes seen in the Ice Queen during his downtime.

Relatives: The Mifortahn Tribe (approximately 30 members).

Description: Just shy of three meters tall, Stath is incredibly strong, powerfully built, and has coarse, white fur striped with black. The left side of his face is marked by a scar that he has chosen not to have healed, which he bears with pride as a warrior. As a Togorian, he has the distinctive appearance akin to a white, bipedal tiger. Despite his ferocious appearance, Stath smiles easily and is always good for a laugh, but is just as much always good for a fight.


First encountered by Slasher aboard the TNPS Wayward Angel during a training session, at the end of which he assigned Slasher to work with DUSK in an effort to gain a more intimate understanding of what exactly is going on in Telkur Station at the current time. Stath has known Slasher for a few years now.

Once a gladiator slave, Stath and his tribe, the Mifortahn, came to Hapes close to two years ago. They were fleeing from both slavers and the Empire, and after hearing about Hapes being a supposedly safe place they were smuggled into the cluster, much like many other clueless aliens.

During the course of his and his tribe’s stay, he encountered Arica T’lani and was rescued from imprisonment at the hands of a rogue Black Sun cell. In turn, he pledged himself and his tribe to her cause in order to fulfill his debt. Over the following months, he came to respect both her skill as a warrior and her talents as a leader, awarding her the affectionate title “Warmistress”, considering her gender. Since then, he and the Mifortahn have protected her as her Honor Guard quite willingly, and as much out of admiration as obligation for their honour.

Stath and several Mifortahn can often be seen escorting Arica when she walks the station in a more formal capacity, and there are always at least two guarding her offices or following her around in general.

Stath Mifortahn

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