Tris Elia

The Child Prodigy


Name: Tris Elia

Aliases: Silver, Silver Six, Quickdraw, Hammer Shot, the Waif

Age: 11 (appears mid-teens)

Species: Arkanian Offshoot

Faction: Formerly DUSK

Rank: Former Senior Agent

Current Location: His House in Undertown

Relatives: Iris Elia and Eris Elia (non-biological older sisters)

Description: As image. Despite his youth, Tris has a fairly cold and serious demeanour half the time, and a sullen one the rest of the time. Despite being quite hardened by his experiences, though, he is not devoid of the occasional bout of immaturity.

Combat Role: Tris is an NPC ally that may fight alongside the party on rare occasions. He’s a primarily offensive ranged character who usually uses his signature gun, the Silver Six-Shooter, which is extremely deadly against organic targets. He has a wide array of Weapon Tricks, but his most deadly ability is being able to rapidly kill a slew of enemies before they even have a chance to take action. Outside of combat, he’s trained in Endurance, Gather Information, Knowledge (Technology), Mechanics, Persuasion, Stealth and Use Computer. He’s also proficient in making custom guns and ammunition.


First encountered by Team Aurek when tasked with locating and recruiting DUSK’s two former best Operatives. Given only the name “Silver”, a list of aliases and the news that he hadn’t been active in 6 months, the team went to Delryn to find out more. Speaking to Delryn revealed that “Silver” had been suspected to have been involved in a shooting 4 months prior, having killed half the gang called Steel Lynx.

In the meantime, Team Aurek put out a news feed article with a coded message, indicating to meet them at the Crossroads at a certain time. This plan ultimately failed to lure him out, but instead brought out Iris, who revealed that Silver was in fact her younger brother Tris, but that Eris had also been kidnapped. She had thought that the message was a ransom message intended for Tris, but had gone herself instead. As well, the group encountered Strega at the Crossroads who, when asked for advice, suggested searching for weapons dealers in Undertown, given that “Silver” obviously needed an illicit supplier if he was to stay off the radar. He volunteered to come assist, but was turned down out of the interest of maintaining secrecy.

Going to Undertown brought the group to Delryn and then to Bedlam, the leader of Steel Lynx, who insisted that Tris’ handiwork involved the use of a very obscure and custom-made gun, which was hard to come by. Given that the local weapons store and most of the small dealers had turned up nothing, inquiries eventually lead to a place called the Miracle Factory, which was a very exclusive supplier. Working at the Miracle Factory was Mektiss with his wife Usahn, who Tris had worked under as an apprentice technician. Mektiss arranged a meeting, and eventually flushed Tris out of hiding, at which point he found out from the party that Eris is missing.


The DUSK Operative known as “Silver” has a very colourful history and a reputation among Undertowners for being brutal and extremely deadly. Tris signed up with DUSK soon after the Operatives were established, using holo-converters and everything he could to keep his identity secret even from his employers. After learning that DUSK paid by commission rather than salary, Tris proceeded to wage a private war on Undertown that left a very long trail of bodies. His efficiency lead to him amassing a small fortune within a couple of months, at which point he retired and went into hiding. Of all places, he hid out in Undertown. His reasons for doing so remain at this time unclear, but it is certain that the name Silver is a feared one among those with Undertown connections.

Tris Elia

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