Hapes 101

Welcome to the Star Wars RPG Campaign “War in Hapes”. This quick “Hapes 101” is intended as a means to introduce the campaign and setting for the purpose of creating a character.

Ultimately, the process of generating a character is slightly nuanced insofar as statistics, but beyond that a great deal of freedom of choice is afforded to new characters. Everything absolutely vital to making your character will be covered one-on-one, but you can save yourself a lot of time with the foreknowledge gained here.

Generating your character can more or less be summed up in several steps. Mind, not all of them are strictly necessary if you already have a rather solid idea of what kind of character you would like to play. For those interested in seeing what kind of options are out there and getting a better feel for the setting before choosing, it’s advisable to check each one.

Before diving too deeply into making your character, it may pay to do some quick reading on the Premise of the campaign, to make sure you’re picking something that’ll work within what restrictions exist. This covers what is essentially “Episode 1” of this story. Subsequent episode(s) will occur in other areas of the setting, called the Hapes Cluster, though you’re free to switch up characters between episodes if you find your current one doesn’t suit.

If you want to stick with the one character throughout, it may pay to look into the Hapes Consortium itself ahead of time. Wookieepedia is a valuable resource if ever you want to do some research on such matters, especially if you want to learn more about things like native races and certain organizations. Note that not everything in this campaign will have a reference on Wookieepedia, since much of it is created by myself.

Articles worth reading are

Rest assured that encyclopedic knowledge is not necessary to play the campaign. Any knowledge your character might possess that you do not will be made clear by the DM as the situation demands, and feel free to ask questions as they come to you.

Be advised as well that you need not play a Hapan character, nor feel compelled to be restricted by Hapan culture’s demands. War in Hapes takes place in a far more moderately-minded location and events beyond it will soon render such (in)sensibilities irrelevant.

To begin the process of character generation, refer to the Character Generation Checklist.

Hapes 101

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