The premise for Episode 3 of the ‘War in Hapes’ Saga is thus:

Each of you are currently a resident of Telkur Station, which is in essence a sanctuary for alien refugees who fled the Empire’s tyranny and distinctly anti-alien regime. It’s stationed within the Hapes Cluster, which is completely encircled by a nebula of ionized gas called the Transitory Mists, with only two (extremely heavily guarded) corridors leading in and out of the cluster. The place is as safe from the Empire as anyone can possibly be.

Telkur Station is owned by a noble House of the Hapes Consortium called House T’lani, but the people of Telkur have by far the most contact with an organization called DUSK, which is alien-run and has a history and well-founded reputation for looking out for aliens. The T’lani maintain the station and provide needed resources to sustain the population. Food, water, shelter and basic clothing… all is provided free of charge to all.

That is not to say that there is no work to do for the residents, though. Anything beyond the provided will cost a person credits like anywhere else, and the only work to be had in the station is through DUSK. DUSK hires hundreds of residents as security – given the place is the size of a small city – and sponsors plenty of other ventures, such as salvaging in the lower levels. In short, you want money, you work for them.

Little do most people know, or even the Hapans for that matter, but there’s plenty to worry about in Telkur Station. Not everyone is getting along in perfect harmony. Crime exists in the shadows. Most intriguing of all, the station was originally built years ago by taking the hulks of destroyed starships and essentially mashing them together on top of a large asteroid. Only two thirds of Telkur are “fully” explored – the remaining third hides any number of secrets, some benign and others less so, and can be anything from foundations that have warped under the clumsy and haphazard construction of the station, to secret tunnels long ago carved out to hide the illicit activities occuring from when the place was a shady shadowport.

While DUSK hires security in droves, they also need much more skilled operatives to deal with more pressing threats and mysteries. Episode 3 will follow your progress as you all are either recruited, converted, or actively seek work with DUSK, and begin to investigate the mysteries of Telkur Station.

Your motives for doing so are your own. Most of you are likely refugees, either alien, criminal or Force Users in hiding, but just as many of you may even be Hapans secretly investigating either DUSK itself or what is truly occurring on Telkur Station… for any number of factions currently operating within Hapes.

For more context in regards to the setting and how this all came to be, have a read of Recent History. For a list of those factions you could possibly be working with, check out Factions. If this is your first time viewing the site, then your first stop should really be either the Main Page or Hapes 101.


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