Recent History

The time period is 10 years after the Clone Wars (Episodes 2 & 3 of the movies), and nearly as many before the Rebel Alliance finally forms (The Force Unleashed games) and defeats the Galactic Empire (Episodes 4, 5 & 6). We’re in a period of time where the Imperials are in the ascendant and are divided only between subjugating any resisting planets who have not yet bowed before the New Order, and mustering further military might beyond anything the galaxy has ever before seen.

It’s a time of oppression. The Empire rules openly through fear and tyranny, and the humanocentric views of Emperor Palpatine and High Society means that it’s a terrible time to be non-human. Aliens are subjected to varying levels of persecution depending on where they are and what their local authorities are like, but they can face anything within the realm of bare tolerance, discrimination, to outright enslavement.

Three years before the current date, word filtered out in certain channels of a safe haven for all aliens and those on the run from the Empire. A place called the “Hapes Cluster”, which was largely known of only in spacer’s tales, was a series of systems completely surrounded by nebulae of ionized gas called the Transitory Mists, and it was cut off from the rest of the galaxy and both safe from and untouched by the Empire. Rumour was that there was a hidden way in, and the agents of a man named Kiet Talarn gathered alien refugees by the thousands and successfully smuggled them through the largely-unmapped mists.

What they found was not quite ideal. The Hapes Cluster was the realm of a powerful civilization called the Hapes Consortium. It was a matriarchal society, but even more importantly fiercely isolationist to the point of paranoia. The aliens were not greeted with warmth. Nonetheless, they were at first tolerated. Ten years before, when the Clone Wars ended, fleeing members of the Techno Union arrived in Hapes and offered their starship technology to the Hapans, bringing their slightly outdated turbolaser, missile and shield technology up to the galactic standard, and introducing such innovations as the Proton Torpedo. Ever since, a sizeable number of Hapans were starved for more knowledge of the outside for sake of personal gain – much of what was brought previously was heavily restricted.

The newly-arrived aliens shepherded by Kiet Talarn settled slightly uncomfortably in the western edge of the cluster on the planet Andalia, where they were kept out of sight and out of mind. Eventually, however, the political climate of Hapes rapidly began to change (looming civil wars do that), and it was ruled by the Queen Mother of Hapes, Ta’a Chume, that the borders were officially sealed not only to outsiders but the Hapans as well. The aliens were no longer welcome and were ordered to vacate. Between dealing with the Hapans and returning to the Empire, they chose to stay. Andalia’s only city, Haven, contained a massive sprawl of largely unoccupied slums to hide in, and they proceeded to bunker down and face the consequences. Death was preferable to slavery, making it an easy choice for many.

Kiet Talarn, the man who brought the aliens to Hapes, was in truth a Vigo of the Black Sun – one of nine lieutenants who answered to the man who controlled a secretive, immensely powerful crime syndicate that spanned the galaxy. His purpose in Hapes – or at least his primary one – was to participate in some old-fashioned piracy. Given the extent of the Consortium’s power, though, he chose to draw their attention towards Andalia and away from his activities. Falsifying dissent and staging a resulting split amongst his people, several broke away as per orders under the leadership of his niece, Nialle Talarn, to join the aliens and prepare them for guerilla warfare. Black Sun resources went towards arming the refugees, and the resulting organization called DUSK (standing for Defense, Unity, Subterfuge and Knowledge) began earning the trust of the larger population.

For the following year, DUSK and the other aliens began a prolonged game of cat-and-mouse with the noble Great House that ruled over the entire sector, House Isha. Their elite fast assault troopers, the Order of the Dragoons, began systematically hunting and exterminating the aliens like animals where they could, and in the intervening period there was great animosity between the two groups.

At the end of this year, a few things changed. Finding her conscience and deciding the refugees were more important than her uncle’s piracy, DUSK’s leader Nialle Talarn began efforts to make contact with House Isha’s Matriarch, Ducha Sophia Isha, to bring a halt to the bloodshed. This was largely successful due to the intervention of a Hapan noble, of all people, called Duch’da Arica T’lani. Coincidentally, she was involved in a mission to investigate, hunt down and destroy the Black Sun, but came into contact with Nialle during the course of some whacky adventures.

Within months, Sophia Isha and Nialle Talarn had arranged to smuggle aliens off of Andalia and onto the Isha homeworld. Largely thanks to Sophia’s power and influence as Ducha of Daruvvia, many were snuck into secret facilities hidden throughout the capital city, succeeding in avoiding the scrutiny of the Queen Mother’s agents in the process. The Isha had, of course, been acting upon Ta’a Chume’s orders in carrying out their initial campaign of slaughter, and had only continued to do so from fear of retribution.

By the end of the second year, a lot had changed. House T’lani, with the assistance of Houses Isha and Galney managed to defeat Kiet Talarn’s Black Sun fleet, first repelling his attack on the T’lani homeworld (later called the Battle of Zadaria) and then locating his hidden space station in the far north. In the Battle of the Northern Mists, the T’lani assaulted the station, defeated the Black Sun forces within, claimed it for their own, and imprisoned Kiet Talarn and all of his surviving lackeys.

As both reward for their efforts and to resolve the issue surrounding the aliens, Ta’a Chume granted this space station to House T’lani, to be placed just beyond Andalia and to serve as a sanctuary to house all aliens in a place that was not Hapan soil. This came with the condition that any who did not come willingly to the newly-named Telkur Station would be purged as per her original orders, and they were to be dutifully carried out by the newly-appointed Ducha Liira Isha. In the months previous, Sophia had been “encouraged” to abdicate for her apparent failure in suppressing the aliens in the first place, soon being replaced by Darla Isha, who in turn was replaced by Liira for also failing to resolve the “alien issue”.

It’s been close to a year since Telkur Station was moved to just beyond Andalia. In the time since, the T’lani and Isha have worked together to rebuild, refurbish and reinforce the station for habitation by refugees. It is currently under management by Duch’da Arica T’lani, the same woman who brought DUSK and the Isha together and lead the effort to defeat the Black Sun. DUSK now serves as intermediaries between the Hapan T’lani and the alien population, though in practice they essentially run the place with Arica’s oversight. DUSK is omnipresent on Telkur Station and the vast majority of work to be had by those looking to earn a living is under their management.

Recent History

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