Skills are, in short, areas of knowledge and expertise that you are considered to be “trained” in. When first generating your character, you have a certain number of skills you are trained in, which is defined by what Class you start as and how high your Intelligence score is. Humans, Chiss and Near-Humans receive a bonus trained skill at 1st level as well.

Not every Class has access to every Skill. Some species, though, gain access to certain Skills regardless of their Class, though this is generally quite rare. If you really want access to a Skill that isn’t available to your Class, you can take levels in a Class that does, and then either take the “Skill Training” Feat to learn it or wait until your Intelligence raises high enough to grant you an additional Trained Skill.

Every Skill has an ability score associated with it that is part of calculating your bonus when making skill checks. If you plan on boosting up a specific Skill, it will pay to also make sure the ability score it’s attached to is reasonably high.

Your bonus to skill checks in a Trained Skill is as follows: 5 + Ability Modifier + Half your Level

Your Ability Modifier depends on what your Ability Score is. 10 is the baseline score with no positive or negative modifiers. For every 2 points above or below 10 you are, you receive a +/- 1 bonus or penalty (so 8 is -1, whereas 12 is +1, 14 is +2 and beyond).

Taking the Feat “Skill Focus” for a specific Skill grants you a further +5 to your bonus. If you aren’t trained in a Skill, if you have to make a check for it you don’t gain the benefit of the base +5 for being trained. Some Skills you can roll for without being trained, whereas others you cannot. You can always attempt a Jump check regardless of training, but you can’t roll Treat Injury to perform complex surgery unless you have the required training.

Each Class starts with the following number of Trained Skills:
Jedi: 2 + Intelligence modifier
Noble: 6 + Intelligence modifier
Scoundrel: 4 + Intelligence modifier
Scout: 5 + Intelligence modifier
Soldier: 3 + Intelligence modifier

Jedi have access to the following Class Skills:
Acrobatics (Dex), Endurance (Con), Initiative (Dex), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Perception (Wis), Pilot (Dex), Use the Force (Cha)

Nobles have access to the following Class Skills:
Deception (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Initiative (Dex), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Perception (Wis), Persuasion (Cha), Pilot (Dex), Ride (Dex), Treat Injury (Wis), Use Computer (Int)

Scoundrels have access to the following Class Skills:
Acrobatics (Dex), Deception (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Initiative (Dex), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Mechanics (Int), Perception (Wis), Persuasion (Cha), Pilot (Dex), Stealth (Dex), Use Computer (Int)

Scouts have access to the following Class Skills:
Climb (Str), Endurance (Con), Initiative (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Mechanics (Int), Perception (Wis), Pilot (Dex), Ride (Dex), Stealth (Dex), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str)

Soldiers have access to the following Class Skills:
Climb (Str), Endurance (Con), Initiative (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (tactics) (Int), Mechanics (Int), Perception (Wis), Pilot (Dex), Swim (Str), Treat Injury (Wis), Use Computer (Int)

Anzati have access to Stealth and Survival
Droids of a specific type usually are automatically trained in one skill for free: Astromech (Mechanics), Mechanic (Mechanics), Medical (Treat Injury or Knowledge [life sciences]), Probe (Perception), Protocol (Persuasion and either Knowledge [bureaucracy], [galactic lore] or [social sciences]), Service (Perception, Knowledge [bureaucracy] or Knowledge [galactic lore]
Cathar have access to Climb and Stealth
Chadra-Fan have access to Mechanics
Mrlssi have access to Mechanics and receive one bonus trained Knowledge skill at 1st level
Nosaurians have access to Climb
Nyriaanan have access to Survival
Shards have access to Use Computer
Shistavanen have access to Survival
Squibs have access to Persuasion
Yarkora have access to Gather Information

Countless species also have the ability to either reroll certain skill checks, receive Skill Focus for certain skills if trained, or gain other bonuses associated with select skills. If you’re looking to focus on a specific skill, ask your DM for further advice.

The full list of available Skills in Star Wars are below, as well as some of the things you can do with them, their associated ability score (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma), whether they can be rolled even if untrained in certain cases or if they’re trained-only, and what Classes have access to them for sake of easy reference.

AcrobaticsDexterity | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Scoundrels

Any type of movement or fine manipulation that requires precision or deftness. You can use it to balance, cross difficult terrain at regular speed, escape bonds, fall prone as a Free Action instead of Swift, reduce falling damage, stand up from prone as a Swift Action instead of Move, Tumble past enemies without triggering a free attack, gain +5 to Reflex Defense when Fighting Defensively instead of +2, fight in high or low gravity without penalty, partially mitigate the penalties of zero gravity, catch an item, and squeeze through tight spaces.

ClimbStrength | Can Use Untrained | Scouts and Soldiers

As the name suggests, predominantly scaling surfaces whether assisted by handholds, a rope or nothing at all. You can also roll to climb at an accelerated rate, catch yourself when falling, or make your own handholds and footholds with pitons.

DeceptionCharisma | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Scoundrels

The ability to lie, fast-talk, running cons, misdirection, and all other kinds of flim-flam and deceit. You may have to roll Deception when in a roleplay scene, however it doesn’t substitute roleplay, only augment it (e.g. a good Deception check makes your falsehood more convincing, whereas a bad one may leave the target finding something “off” about you and giving you a harder time than normal). In full, you can roll Deception to disguise your appearance, forge documents, tell a lie, distort facts, create a diversion, feint in combat, cheat when gambling, and communicate via innuendo/doublespeak.

EnduranceConstitution | Can Use Untrained | Scouts and Soldiers

Your training in stamina and pushing yourself to your bodily limits. You can roll to perform a forced march, hold your breath, ignore hunger, ignore thirst, run for prolonged periods, sleep in armor and swim or tread water for prolonged periods.

Gather InformationCharisma | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Scoundrels

The ability to make contacts, learn local gossip, acquire secrets, and find specific places. You can roll to learn news and rumours, learn secret information, locate individuals, further analyse previously gained data, verify news and rumours, find a good score for illicit work, and finding an expert to identify the features of an item.

InitiativeDexterity | Can Use Untrained | All Classes

Your ability to react quickly and act on your toes. It’s mainly used to determine what order participants act in during a combat encounter, though you may also have to roll Initiative to avoid feinting enemies or to otherwise respond quickly to an unexpected event (such as avoiding falling rocks).

JumpStrength | Can Use Untrained | Scouts and Soldiers

As the name suggests. You can roll to perform a long jump, a high jump, or jump down from a height more safely.

KnowledgeIntelligence | Can Use Untrained | All Classes, Soldiers (Tactics) Only

This skill is broken down into multiple subgroups, and each is taken individually. You can answer basic questions untrained, but you have to be trained to answer anything requiring expert knowledge. The subgroups are:

Bureaucracy – Business procedures, legal systems, regulations, and organizational structures. You can also roll this to obtain licenses for weapons, armour and other restricted items.

Galactic Lore – Homeworlds, sectors of space, galactic history, and more general knowledge.

Hapan Lore – Planets, systems and sectors in the Hapes Cluster, Hapan culture, persons of interest and history.

Life Sciences – Biology, botany, genetics, archaeology, xenobiology, medicine, and forensics. May be required to identify poisons and diseases.

Physical Sciences – Astronomy, Astrogation, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Social Sciences – Sociology, psychology, philosophy, theology, and criminology.

Tactics – Small scale and large scale military strategy, also required for commanding squads in mass combat. Can roll to identify enemy tactics and predict their next move.

Technology – Function and principle of technological devices, engineering, knowledge of cutting edge theories and advancements. Also needed if you want to scratch-build or design your own items.

The Force – Theories on the nature of the Force, Force Traditions, identifying specific powers and techniques, esoteric or ancient knowledge.

MechanicsIntelligence | Trained Only | Scoundrels, Scouts and Soldiers

Working with technological devices of all kinds. Some require a security or tool kit. You can roll to disable a device, including security devices, locks and traps, handle explosives, disarm explosives, jury-rig disabled devices, modify droids, install modifications on weapons and armour, recharge vehicle or armour shields, regulate power, perform repairs on objects and droids, build objects, set a booby trap, or refit antiquated vehicles or weapons.

PerceptionWisdom | Can Use Untrained | All Classes

Your powers of sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste. You can roll to notice enemies and avoid surprise, eavesdrop, hear distant or ambient noises, detect anyone trying to sneak up on you, notice if someone is concealing something on their body or search an area. You also roll against someone trying to use Deception or Persuasion on you.

PersuasionCharisma | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Scoundrels

Your use of tact, diplomacy, subtlety and social grace to project yourself in the way you desire. You may have to roll Persuasion when in a roleplay scene, however it doesn’t substitute roleplay, only augment it (e.g. a good Persuasion check makes you seem more likeable or authoritive, whereas a bad one may have the target feel predisposed towards you or not take you seriously.) You can roll to improve the attitudes of others towards you, haggle, intimidate someone, bribe someone, or attempt to communicate with someone who doesn’t know your language.

PilotDexterity | Can Use Untrained | All Classes

Operating vehicles of all kind. Note that you can pilot something without training, however performed advanced tasks like maneuvering does require training. You can roll to avoid collisions, dogfight in a flying vehicle, use your Pilot skill instead of Initiative to determine combat order, increase the speed of your vehicle, or ram another vehicle.

RideDexterity | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Scouts

Riding living creatures as opposed to vehicles, like tauntauns and banthas. You can roll to do specific tasks like guide with your knees, stay in the saddle, use your mount as cover, perform a soft fall, leap obstacles, control your mount in battle, and perform a fast mount or dismount.

StealthDexterity | Can Use Untrained | Scoundrels and Scouts

Your skills in subterfuge and legedermain. You can roll to sneak, conceal an item on your person, create a diversion to hide, pick pocket, perform sleight of hand, or stay in stealth after sniping.

SurvivalWisdom | Can Use Untrained | Scouts Only

Your ability to survive in the wild and inhospitable environments. Some tasks may require a field kit. You can roll for basic survival to avoid hazards and stay fed for yourself and others, endure extreme temperatures, know direction, and create a defensive area around your place of rest. If trained, you can also track people.

Treat InjuryWisdom | Can Use Untrained | Nobles and Soldiers

Basic knowledge of treating injuries and ailments, as well as more advanced procedures. Some uses require a medpac or surgery kit. You can roll to perform first aid, provide long-term care, or perform basic surgery to heal injuries. If you’re trained, you can roll to perform more complicated surgery, revive someone who has died within one combat round, treat disease, treat poison, or treat radiation. If you have the Feat “Cybernetic Surgery”, you can install cybernetic prostheses on a living being.

Use ComputerIntelligence | Can Use Untrained | Nobles, Scoundrels and Soldiers

Performing more advanced tasks with computers. Some uses require a tool kit or, obviously, a computer. Basic tasks don’t require a check, but you can roll to access specific information and issue routine commands. If trained, you can astrogate a safe hyperspace jump, disable or erase programs, improve your level of access, reprogram droids, use vehicle sensors or communications, cover your tracks, identify the last user, access and reprogram electronic devices, and reprogram access cards or code cylinders.

Use the ForceCharisma | Can Use Untrained | Jedi and Force Sensitives

Various minor abilities accomplished through the Force. You can sense your surroundings, establish a telepathic link with a distant creature to exchange emotions or a single thought, and search your feelings to determine whether an action would have favourable or unfavourable outcomes. If trained, you can activate a Force Power, enter a Force Trance to increase your healing rate or place another within one, move a light object telekinetically, sense the Force, and control your breathing.


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