The Force

If you’re looking to read up on the Force itself, Wookieepedia can explain the subject in much more detail here. This page is intended to help explain how the Force fits into the campaign, what your options are as a Force Sensitive character, and what powers you can use.

Being Force Sensitive means that you have sufficient potential/affinity with the Force to be slightly attuned to it, but lacking in the training or skill to use true Force Powers or even really understand the forces at work. Force Sensitives sometimes manifest more basic abilities or little knacks that give them an edge over regular people, and their use of the Force is very instinctive and primal.

Being a Force Adept means that you have formal training/education as to what the Force is (or at least one of its many incarnations), and can wield it with some level of efficiency. Jedi are Force Adepts, as are all the members of the various existing Force Traditions.

Beyond that, there are those people who go by many names, such as “gifted” or “heroes”. They’re not so much connected to the Force in the way that Force Sensitives or Adepts are, but it’s clear that they’re above the rank and file of society, destined for great things, and more skilled than your average bear. They have a strong presence in the Force, they tend to be extremely lucky, but they’re not otherwise associated with the Force – for example, like Han Solo.

In terms of game mechanics, Force Sensitives and Force Adepts can take Force Talents, but they have to take the Force Sensitivity feat at 1st level to be considered actually Force Sensitive in the first place. If they do, they can also choose to take Use the Force as a class skill, though being trained in the Force by default means they’re almost guaranteed to be Force Adepts.

Regular heroic characters (anyone with class levels – you guys) can take the Force Sensitivity feat later, “awakening” to the Force and realizing your latent potential, though you’re not likely to be allowed to become trained in Use the Force during the course of the campaign. Training in the Force requires an assload of time and dedication. There will be no insta-Jedi. Taking Force Talents is fine, though again, it is preferred some measure of time elapse before gaining these powers.

In addition to being able to take Force Talents, characters who have the Force Sensitivity Feat and are trained in Use the Force also have access to a number of innate abilities that can be utilized through making skill checks with Use the Force. They can also take the Feat “Force Training”, which gives them access to what are called Force Powers.

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The Force

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