Weapon Tricks

Weapon Tricks are designed with the intention of giving characters who utilize ranged weapons increased versatility (and variety) in combat. Often, choosing to fight with a gun limits your chosen course of action in a given round to “I shoot that guy”. As well, in terms of pure performance, melee characters generally deal more damage and Force Users can do things that noone else can.

This system changes all that. Normally, you’d have to invest quite heavily into your Talent/Feat build to make yourself an effective ranged character, but Weapon Tricks give you several distinct abilities at the cost of a single Feat.

What’s a Weapon Trick?

Weapon Tricks are like Force Powers and Starship Maneuvers. They are single-use abilities that you activate by making an Initiative roll. Each has a different effect.

How do I take Weapon Tricks?

You invest in the Feat “Fighting With Style”, which gives you access to a number of Weapon Tricks equal to 1 + your Intelligence modifier.

What Weapon Tricks Can I Choose From?

The full, comprehensive list is here. Weapon Tricks marked with [Single] can be used with a single-fire weapon, [Auto] can be used while autofiring or Burst Firing, and [Dual] require you to be wielding two weapons.

For a quick summary:

Break Concentration – Interrupt a Force Power or active skill use.
Called Shot – Target an arm, leg or head for debilitating effects.
Deflect Shot – Shoot grenades and missiles out of the air.
Disarming Shot – Disarm the target and make them drop their weapon.
Dodge This – Roll your attack roll twice and keep the better result.
Down You Go! – On a critical hit or condition damage, prone the target.
Ground and Pound – When an enemy is proned or moved, make an attack of opportunity.
Gun Fu – Make a melee attack after hitting with a ranged attack.
Guns Akimbo – Shoot two guns at one target – without dual-wielding penalties.
Hail of Fire – Perform an autofire attack over a larger area.
It’s Coming Right For Us! – Apply penalties to a charging enemy’s attack roll.
One Shot, One Kill – Chance for an automatic critical hit against an unaware enemy.
Piercing Hit – Increase your Armor Penetration for heavily-armored targets.
Potshot – Hit objects more effectively.
Run and Gun – Move double your speed and still squeeze off a shot.
Saddle Up, Lock & Load – Attack as a free action if you don’t shoot with any other actions.
Shieldbreaker – Lower an enemy’s shields from anywhere between 5-15.
Shoot From the Hip – Aim as a free action.
Shoot to Kill – Deal extra dice of damage.
Shot to the Face – Deal extra dice of damage when making an attack of opportunity.
Spray and Pray – Brace your weapon as a free action.
Twosome Time – Hit two targets with two weapons, and gain a bonus to your next attack roll.

Weapon Tricks

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