Rhona Esthain

Smokin' Biker Chick


Name: Rhona Esthain

Age: 28

Species: Human

Faction: DUSK, formerly Sector Rangers

Rank: Senior Agent, formerly Sector Ranger

Current Location: DUSK Tech Lab 2/Garage (Level 11, A-Block)

Relatives: Estelle Esthain (younger sister)

Description: As image. Rhona is reasonably tall and athletic, but otherwise seems much more like your average gal than a former Sector Ranger. She certainly comes across as more worldly and open-minded, which is no doubt a byproduct of her former work. She has a fairly relaxed attitude, and is always up for a good time when off-duty.

Combat Role: Rhona is an NPC ally that may occasionally fight alongside the party. She is primarily an offensive melee character that wields a force pike and is most effective when fighting from atop her speeder bike, from which she can perform devastating hit-and-runs. Even when both feet are on the ground, she is very skilled at incapacitating enemies without killing them. Outside of combat, she is trained in Gather Information, Mechanics, Pilot, Ride, Stealth and Survival, making her extremely versatile and effective when searching out the lower levels and Undertown of Telkur Station.


First encountered by Team Aurek during their mission to locate and recruit DUSK’s former best two Operatives. While performing a job for Delryn in return for intel on locating “Silver”, the team detected Rhona shadowing them after having incapacitated and carried out a Hapan woman out of Sparrow territory. A quick explanation later revealed that the woman, Retainer Clarice Undine-Halmor, was supposedly responsible for having kidnapped her younger sister, Estelle. Deciding that the problem was above their pay grade, the group called in the T’lani who sent Kiros Requud, who has since taken the woman into custody. In the meantime, Rhona is awaiting news as to leads towards recovering her sister.

Rhona Esthain

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